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     That's a pic of me on the Bonefish flats in Belize about 20 years ago before my hair turned white.. The other pictures are me in Montana and on another mountain in NC. There were lots of places, quite a few mountains and lots of people.  For thirty years I wrote some lines every morning for an hour or two. Sometimes the light would shine on me and what I wrote was pretty good.

       About MY BOOKS. Try Acme Deep Space Towing if you like Sci Fi. It's a buck. A short story collection is coming out by a  national press as soon as they get off their ass and finish it.  Sometime in the next year my 'Dakota' book, a  novel/ history will be published. I have a novel/ poetry book called 'Roads' I'm trying to finish and a Sci Fi novel  to hopefully finish. Then I'm done I think , but who knows?

    Thanks.... Mike Felix. Oct 2023

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   Poetry !


  FOUND a few of  my original memoir/ novel The Weather Witch (pub 2004.  Originals  20 $ plus shipping if you want one.. contact me at  the email address top of page.  Might be worth something sometime....

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