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A Great American Novelist

I have been writing for twenty five years. I have written all manner of projects including novels, memoirs, short stories, Sci Fi stories, poetry and a screen play about witches!

Want to get a taste of what I write? You might begin with NEW BABYLON ROAD, a powerful, but ENTERTAINING story of a boy growing up in a vast future ruin. Or try 'THE MARSH BIRDS, a great story of the '60's.

Or... ,try MILO MUDD, a novel about...., wait for it... MILO MUDD, a slightly raunchy road' novel.

If you like short stories try HEART OF THE NORTH', a collection of short stories...

There is also THE WEATHER WITCH, a novel/ memoir . ...

In the near future his booked "Walking to Fort Ridgely" a fantastic and unusual book, is circulating among publisher. ...Michael N. Felix grew up in Prior Lake Minnesota.He holds BA and MA degrees from Mankato State College in Minnesota in Economics and Urban Planning. He was a commissioned officer in the United States Navy. Among other occupations, he has been a; union cement worker (still have my old union card.. somewhere), worked on a on a traveling hillbilly construction company laying telephone wire in 100 degree heat, in a green painted pea picking factory (hell in a green box), a factory worker, a window salesman..., and as an airport planner.

He has traveled the world. Currently he splits his time between his home in northern Minnesota, and a winter home on a mountain in southern New Mexico.

Felix's books and stories have been described as funny, dramatic, moving, intelligent, brooding, poignant, powerful and occasionally weird (MILO MUDD) and in all cases, crackling with a joyous energy and fun....

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